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Valeo Red Line Knee Wraps


Target Training: Support. Keeps the knee stable. Helps prevent injury and strain. Provides Extra knee support. Target Training: Lower body. Benefits: Redline knee wraps provide extra support when lifting weights to keep your knees free of injury. Red Line Knee Wraps increase your knee support. One pair. Extended 78" length. Heavy-duty elastic. Machine washable. The most effective fitness routine combines strength, cardio and flexibility exercises. Target Training be Valeo can help you create a personalized fitness program that suis your needs. What's your ultimate goal -firming up, losing weight, building muscle? The fitness tools in your Target Training system are grouped by color and designed to work together. The tools are divided into four categories. Many of the fitness tools come with training recommendations that can be modified to meet your individual requirements and fitness level.


Consult your physician before beginning this or any new exercise program to check for physical limitations that could create a safety or health risk. Do not continue to exercise of you experience pain.

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