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The Zupp Story

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Have you ever ran out of a supplement and went into your local GNC or health/supplement store but took a double-take at the price? "What?? $70 for a tub of protein that's half air?" You go home and go search on the internet for the same supplement at websites like BodyBuilding.com only to find that it's only a few dollars cheaper and you have to wait 3-5 business days to get it. That happened to us too and it sucked. So we said SCREW IT, and decided to do something about it.


The prices in the supplement industry are outrageous for a bunch of generic pills and powders with hundreds of different brands stamped onto the front of the product. Our goal at ZUPP is simple - to give our customers the lowest prices we can with the fastest shipping possible, and provide the most value we can along the way. Our motto is "Delivering Health" and we're on this journey with you, and we'll always be getting bigger and better - just like you will.


To keep our doors open and to allow us to give you the best ZUPP experience possible, we ask for a nominal membership fee. The membership fee is a cost that you can easily get back in savings in 1 or 2 purchases on our siteĀ and it's a win-win: our customers get the lowest prices and we're able to keep our company going to provide the ZUPP experience, quality, and services to you.