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Valeo Core Training Ball


Core Training Ball. 300 calories. Perfect Ab Crunches Every Time. Targets All of the Ab Muscles- Upper, Lower and Side. Build core strength and increase flexibility. The Core Training Ball properly postitions your body for the perfect Ab crunch. Helps build core strength and increases your body's flexibility. 9" Latex-Free inflatable Ball. Straw for quick inflation. Non-slip texture for stability. Benefits: The Core Training Ball puts your body in the ideal position for doing Ab crunches and lower back exercises. Lying on the ball gives you a greater range of motion to strengthen your muscles for flat sculpted abs. The most effective fitness routine combines strength, cardio and flexibility exercises. Target training by Valeo can help you create a personalized fitness program that suits your needs. What's your ultimate goal -firming up, losing weight, building muscle? The fitness tools in our Target Training system are grouped by color and designed to work together.


Exercise DVD enclosed. Target Training: 9 minutes, 3 times a week, is all you need to target your: Upper Body, including your abs and back. Training recommendations are results are derived from a typical workout program, based on a 150 lb. individual. Your specific results may vary.


Consult your physician before beginning this or any new exercise program to check for physical limitations that could create a safety or health risk. Do not continue to exercise if you experience pain. Warning: This ball is not recommended for use throughout the pregnancy period. Consult your physician or health care provider before you start any exercise program. Important: Do not use for any purpose other than the intended applications as shown by any of the instructions, illustrations or DVDs.

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