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Fizogen The Strap


The Strap is an explosively powerful performance enhancement agent that will shock and amaze the world! As soon as The Strap is worn, users may instantly experience incredible increases in strength, endurance, power, energy, balance, focus, flexibility, and more! The Strap's instant effects are due to a polarized field it helps to enhance around the body, which may have a positive and immediate interaction with the human quantum frequency, tonal vibration, bio-energy and magnetic fields. The Strap's proprietary quantum polarized process may help unlock the body's life force energy and true intended potential by promoting an enhanced human bio-energy system, Simply Take the Strap Tests, which are located on the top and bottom panels of this box to instantly feel the effects! Ask your sales rep to assist you with the tests! Experience the power of The Strap! Yours Free with Every Purchase! The Strap booklet is an incredibly informative source of information on how The Strap works, how it may be combined or Stacked effectively with other supplements, cutting edge weight raining and dieting routines/info, testimonials and much more! Improve Energy and Stamina; Develop Explosive Power and Torque; Enhance Mental Focus and Concentration; Increase Endurance, Speed and Agility; Adjustable Necklace/Wristband; Patent Pending; Clinically Tested; For Men and Women.


Based on personal preference, The Strap may be utilized in two different methodologies for desired effect. Option A: The Strap may be worn continuously as either a necklace or bracelet for long lasting energy and or performance enhancement support. The Strap wristband and necklace are very stylish and multiple pendants may be worn simultaneously for enhanced results and aesthetic effect. Option B: As a secondary method of use, and for the most noticeable spikes of energy and consistent intensity of effect, use The Strap only prior to training or competition. Wear The Strap sports performance jewelry 60-90 minutes prior to activity. Continue to wear the jewelry for the duration of activity and remove 60-90 minutes after completing activity.


Fizogen believes that the use of The Strap in training and competition is Very Safe and no more dangerous then working out alone, The Strap Tests are intended to demonstrate some of the many performance enhancement benefits of The Strap prior to purchase. However, The Strap Test are not traditional gym exercises and must be performed with caution and in accordance with the instructions provided by Fizogen. The Strap Tests should only be performed by well trained athletes or persons of strong physical health. You many not perform The Strap Test if you (1) have any muscle, joint or, tendon injuries or paid, (2) lack coordination or balance or (3) have any other medical condition (past or present). Performance of The Strap Tests may place extreme exertion and stress on your arms, hands, shoulders, muscles, ligaments and tendons and also may cause you to lose your balance and fall. You may injure yourself if you perform The Strap Test with too much pressure or if other unsafe conditions exist. Be certain to answer The Strap Test screening questionnaire on the side panel of this box prior to engaging in any of these strength, balance and flexibility tests. Not Intended For Minors. The Strap is Not Appropriate for Children and Individuals Under Eighteen (18) Years of Age. If you are not Eighteen (18) Years of Age or Older, Do Not Use The Strap or Perform The Strap Tests.

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