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_hi, what's ZUPP?

We're leading a new movement to help empower people to take charge of their fitness journeys. ZUPP is a new way of thinking about (and shopping for) health supplements. Because you should know exactly what supplements to take and what you're putting into your body.

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_the origin

Back in 2017, we kept saying 2 things when we would buy our supplements: "Why is this so expensive?" and "Do I even fully understand what I'm about to take?"

From protein powders to general health supplements, we started to realize there were too many brands and products to choose from without knowing any standard of quality. So we decided to create ZUPP with the vision of curating only the highest quality products, providing transparent education and recommendations, and offering the lowest prices so you can feel good about feeling good.

_a new standard

_here to help you

It's really simple - take our free quiz to get recommendations and information on products based on your goals, or go straight to buying if you know what you're looking for.

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_we're all just human

We should feel proud to be on our own fitness journeys, and not feel bad that we don't look a certain way yet. Inspiration comes from within us, not from the unattainable bodies of cover models that we're told to strive for. We even started our own blog series called Humans of ZUPP to showcase seemingly "ordinary" everyday people doing extraordinary things to show you that inspiration is everywhere. So join us as we bring transparency to this industry and let us join you to help you become a better you.

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