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"You know how you wake up and don’t want to go to the gym? I don’t have that thought anymore. Going to the gym is just like how I brush my teeth in the morning. It’s kind of like I have to do it. It’s a habit. Back then you’d be like 'I don’t want to work out' so you don’t go work out, right? But later in the future you’re going to think back to that one day and you’re going to be like 'I should’ve worked out because I would’ve been a day ahead.' Stretching is like that for me (because I just started yoga). I can’t miss a day of stretching because if I miss one day of stretching, then a month later I’m going to think, 'I could’ve been more flexible if I stretched that one day.'"

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"I tell my friends to come and work out with me. I just think of their health, you know? Some people don’t like lifting weights and I assume most people don’t like cardio. I like a little bit of everything. My cousin has a Taekwondo academy, and one time I went to take a strength conditioning class because I feel like variety is key. I get bored too - like if I’m just lifting weights, I get bored. Sometimes I need to do something else like running.."

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"Obviously I’m not a perfect person. Within my life there are times when I feel down where it’s like I’m not motivated to do anything and I just feel like fitness keeps me on track of life and everything."

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"I think this helps me to tell myself it’s okay to gain weight. Because I know girls hate gaining weight. They want to lose weight. But I think gaining weight isn’t a bad thing because it depends on what type of weight you’re gaining. There is a stereotype cause you know how Koreans are like you’re not considered pretty if you’re skinny? That’s bullshit. Cause like when you’re young and someone tells you that you have to diet… they’re 12 years old. What do they know? Some guys lift weights and that’s it because they want to look big in front of girls. But then I feel like if you’re going to take care of health one way, might as well eat healthy too and take care of your flexibility. I feel like it’s more of a mental thing than a physical thing."


"I would say instead of worrying about eating first, just worry about moving. Move first and then the food comes later. Because I feel that when you restrict your food first, you'll get tired more easily and won’t be motivated to work out. So I think if someone wants to lose weight, I would say add in an activity first and start moving. Later on when that becomes a habit, then you can worry about what you eat.

Whatever you want to look like on the outside, it has to start from the inside first. Because if you think 'I’m so fat and I’m not losing weight,' then you’re not going to lose weight. I feel like the body listens to the mind."

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